Third IT Boxing Match: Platforms for Enterprise Development, Web Services and SOA

June 21, 2008
Finally I am ready with the preparation of the third IT Boxing event for software engineers – 25 June 2008, in Sofia. IT Boxing Championship: Platforms for Enterprise Development, Web Services and SOA (Java vs. .NET) Date: 25 June 2008 (Thursday), 18:00 h Location: Park Hotel “Moscow”, Sofia, Hall “Moscow” Sponsored by: Telerik and VMWare

First Bulgarian C++ Conference – Velingrad, 27-28 June 2008

June 18, 2008
As part of my work in the National Academy for Software Development (NASD) I am deeply involved in the organization of an interesting event for C++ developers: the First Bulgarian C++ Conference. I am excited of being able to establish a C++ users group in Bulgaria and to organize the technical part of the conference.

My .NET Development Team Launched an Online Room Rental Service at

June 16, 2008
After 5 months development my .NET engineering team launched an unique service in Internet – online venues rental Web portal ( eVenues is a new online service that aggregates available meeting room space and connects prospective “space renters” with “space providers”. Today, many companies have meeting room space that sits vacant for hours/days. By enabling

Finding the Directory Where Your Java .class File is Loaded From

June 11, 2008
Today I had to solve an unusual problem: I needed to find the directory that was used to load a specific Java .class file (the location in the file system of given .class file). I needed it because I wanted to load resources located somewhere in the classPath with file access API (not with accessable