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Svetlin Nakov – About Me

Svetlin Nakov has 20+ years of technical background as software engineer, software project manager, consultant, trainer and entrepreneur with rich experience with Web development, information systems, databases, blockchain, cryptography, .NET, Java EE, JavaScript, PHP, Python and software engineering. He is the leading author of 15 books on computer programming, software technologies, cryptography, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python and tens of technical and scientific publications. He is a big fan of knowledge sharing and is proud Wikipedia contributor, free books author and open-source supporter.

Svetlin has been a speaker at hundreds of conferences, seminars, meetups, courses and other trainings in the United States, Singapore, Germany, Egypt, Bulgaria and other locations. He holds a PhD degree in computer science (for his research on computational linguistics and machine learning), several medals from the International Informatics Olympiads (IOI) and the Bulgarian President’s award “John Atanasoff”. He has been a part-time assistant professor / visiting speaker / technical trainer in Sofia University, New Bulgarian University, the Technical University of Sofia, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) and few others.

In the last few years Svetlin Nakov together with his partners drive the global expansion of the largest training center for software engineers in Bulgaria and the region – the Software University, where he inspires and teaches hundred of thousands of young people in computer science, software development, information technologies and digital skills, and gives them a profession and a job.

Public Profiles





Svetlin Nakov’s short resume (in English, last updated: 2014)

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Svetlin Nakov’s short resume (in Bulgarian, last updated: 2004)

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Curriculum Vitae

Svetlin Nakov’s CV (in English, last updated: 2007)

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Svetlin Nakov’s awards (1992-2022).

The Life Story of Svetlin Nakov

Read the Svetlin Nakov’s short story of life (in Bulgarian, last updated: 2013).


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  7. Great says:

    Zdr. Bih iskal da se svurja s Vas, ako e vuzmojno. Shte sum blagodaren, ako mi dade te tel za vruzka. Blagodarq!

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Marin Georgiev says:

    Днес слушах вашата презентация и споменахте за франчаиз в USA. Моля ви изпратете ми повече информация на email.
    Благодаря л

  10. дидо says:

    здравейте, гледах интервюто Ви в предаването на Лора Крумова. Мисля, че досега не бях срещал чуждо мнение, толкова близо до моето собствено. Иска ми се да споделя това видео, но съжаление не мога да намеря в нета…

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