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Svetlin Nakov – Videos

I love teaching developers how to program. I spent my last 20+ years training software engineers. I started teaching coding in my last years at school, later went on to university, then established several software academies and coding bootcamps. My teaching achievements (together with my team at SoftUni) are 10K+ graduates in LinkedIn, who learned programming and started a tech job. Now I started teaching developers in English and I am sharing my video lessons and video tutorials on my YouTube channel:

Code with Nakov @ YouTube

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay in touch with my video lessons for software developers:

In addition to my video channel, I have many other videos from conferences, educational and startup events and participation in TV shows. You can find these videos by a direct Internet search:

Search for “Svetlin Nakov” in Google Videos

Enjoy my free video lessons and tutorials, learn, develop your skills and have fun.

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