Free Java Video Tutorial: Part 3 – Console-Based Input and Output

October 20, 2021
Today I published the third part of my free Java video tutorial with hands-on exercises. It covers the console-based input and output in Java: reading text and numbers using java.util.Scanner and printing text, numbers and formatted output using System.out.print(), System.out.println(), System.out.printf(). Learn more at Watch the video tutorial in YouTube: Subscribe to my YouTube

Free Java Video Tutorial: Part 2 – Using Java IDE

October 16, 2021
I am happy to post my second code lesson in YouTube. This is the second part of my “Java tutorial” series of video lessons for absolute beginners: My plan for the next few weeks is to create an publish a tutorial of 10-15 free Java video lessons, which lay the foundation of programming in Java

Free Java Video Tutorial: Part 1 – Getting Started with Java

October 15, 2021
I am happy to announce that I am starting a free video tutorial for beginners in Java programming today: This is a hand-on free training, with a plenty of practical coding exercises, which you solve and send for automated online grading. Try it! You learn coding by coding. Learn by doing: this is my proven

SoftUni Global Learn to Code Community @

October 14, 2021
I am very happy to announce that SoftUni is now global. We are building a global learn-to-code community, which provides a free mentorship help for code learners, along with weekly code lessons with hands-on exercises, video tutorials, events for developers and other free learning resources. Come and join for free, learn coding, get help from

Programming Languages: Trends for 2021

December 22, 2020
I share my thoughts about the programming language trends for 2021, the rankings for 2020 (based on LinkedIn Jobs, GitHub, StackOverflow, Google Trends and others), which will be the most popular languages in 2021, and which languages and platforms are worth learning. My conclusion is that in 2021 the top 5 mainstream programming languages will

СофтУни 5.0: качествено практическо образование за софтуерни инженери, вече с 8 професии

June 22, 2020
СофтУни продължава да се разраства и да надгражда своите практически образователни програми по софтуерно инженерство, дигитален маркетинг и графичен дизайн и визуализация, в които всяка година се обучават десетки хиляди студенти. Да си безапелационен лидер в дигиталното и технологичното образование и да държиш топ ниво години наред изисква непрестанно развитие, надграждане и усъвършенстване на образователното

Масиви и списъци в C#, Java, Python и JavaScript – уебинар

April 21, 2020
Споделям презентация и видео на тема “Работа с масиви и списъци в C#, Java, JavaScript и Python” от вчерашното включване на живо, в което обясних какво представляват списъчните структури, за какво се ползват и демонстрирах с код на живо на няколко езика за програмиране (C#, Java, Python и JS) основни операции със списъците и масивите:

Cryptography for Java Developers – Nakov @ jProfessionals (Jan 2019)

January 26, 2019
Today I was speaker at the jProfessionals conference in Sofia. My talk was about cryptography in Java: Hashes, MAC, Key Derivation, Encrypting Passwords, Symmetric Ciphers & AES, Digital Signatures & ECDSA. I explained the concepts of Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) and the most popular Java crypto libraries like Bouncy Castle. Video: Java Cryptography for Devs