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From Traditional Cloud to Decentralized Cloud – Nakov @ CodeMonsters 2018

November 29, 2018
Today I had a nice talk about the upcoming decentralized cloud platforms, which will provide decentralized computing, along with decentralized storage, decentralized databases, decentralized messaging and many other services. Video (English) – Decentralized Cloud Slides – Decentralized Cloud

Блокчейн и децентрализирани системи – Наков @ Gabrovo Digital Summit 2018

November 24, 2018
Днес бях отдалечен лектор на Gabrovo Digital Summit 2018 и говорих за децентрализирани системи, блокчейн и децентрализирани организации. Споделям видео и слайдове от събитието. Видео – блокчейн и децентрализирани системи Слайдове – блокчейн и децентрализирани системи

Дигиталните професии на бъдещето – Светлин Наков @ Виена (10-Nov-2018)

November 10, 2018
Днес бях лектор в Австрия, на събитието BgInfoTag, където се събира българската общност във Виена. Беше вдъхновяващо да разкажа за моята история на обучител и предприемач, за дигиталните професии в съвременния бизнес и общество и за професиите на бъдещето. Споделям презентация и видео. Дигиталните професии на бъдещето – слайдове Дигиталните професии на бъдещето – видео

Crypto-Wallets: A Technical Perspective – Nakov @ OpenFest 2018

November 4, 2018
Today a gave a technical talk titled “Crypto Wallets: A Technical Perspective” at the OpenFest 2018 conference in Sofia about crypto wallets, wallet standards and the cryptography behind them, with live examples in JavaScript. Slides from OpenFest 2018 – Crypto Wallets: A Technical Perspective (by Svetlin Nakov)  Video from OpenFest 2018 – Crypto Wallets: A Technical Perspective

Speaker at CryptoBlockCon 2018 (11-12 December @ Las Vegas)

October 30, 2018
I am happy to announce that I was invited as speaker at CryptoBlockCon 2018 – Las Vegas. I will give an overview talk about the consensus algorithms in the blockchain networks, such as proof of work, proof of stake and byzantine fault tolerance. Event: CryptoBlockCon – Las Vegas, 2018 Date: 11-December-2018, 12:05 – 12:25 (@ Blockchain Tech

Svetlin Nakov: Speaker at the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit 2019

October 11, 2018
I am happy to announce that I was confirmed as a speaker at the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit 2019. My talk is technical, about DApps, Ethereum and Solidity: Title: Building Decentralized (DApps) in Ethereum Date: February 20, 2019 Location: Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul See you in Istanbul. It is expected to be a big event, with thousands

Multi-Signature Wallets: Nakov @ SoftUnit Conf 2018

September 29, 2018
Today I had a talk at the SoftUnit Conf 2018 titled “Multi-Signature Crypto-Wallets“, where I explained the the problems with single-user-controlled wallets, the concepts of multisig wallets, multisig addresses, how multi-signature wallets are implemented in Bitcoin and Ethereum and demonstrated the Gnosis multisig wallet contract (Solidity code), running on the Ropsten Ethereum testnet, along with the

Speaker at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 | Berlin

September 26, 2018
I am happy to announce that I was accepted as a speaker at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 | Berlin. The conference is one of the most significant technical blockchain events in Europe, so I will be happy to meet colleagues, developers, blockchain engineers and fellows from the crypto industry in Berlin in November 2018. My