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My Free Java Foundations Full Course: 30 Hours Video Tutorial + 55 Hands-On Exercises

January 3, 2022
I am happy to publish my Free Java Foundations Full Course (30 hours video tutorial + 74 hands-on exercises). This course is designed as next step after the “Java Basics” free course. It will help you learn the core of programming with Java, using a practical, hands-on approach. In this free Java programming course I

My Java Basics Full Course: Free 13 Hours Java Video Tutorial + 74 Hands-On Exercises

October 26, 2021
I am happy to publish my free Java coding basics course for absolute beginners in computer programming (13 hours video tutorial + 74 hands-on exercises). This is an excellent Java coding video tutorial, which gets deep into basic programming concepts, such as coding techniques, algorithmic thinking, problem solving and debugging. Access the free Java coding

Нов безплатен курс по уеб дизайн с HTML 5, CSS и JavaScript – от март в академията на Телерик

February 14, 2012
От март 2012 г. започва нов безплатен курс за изграждане на уеб сайтове с Photoshop, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript и CMS системи. Курсът е подходящ както за абсолютно начинаещи, така и за хора с опит с уеб технологиите. В безплатния HTML курс по разработка на уеб сайтове ще се запознаете със съвременните уеб технологии

Svetlin Nakov – University Courses

September 5, 2010
This page is no longer maintained. For the most recent courses I teach, visit the SoftUni: Open courses @ SoftUni The software engineering program @ SoftUni JS-Apps JS-Advanced programming Java Basics Full Course (13 Hours) – October 2021 (October 2021, The “Java Basics Full Course“ develops basic coding skills with the Java language. It