X.509 Certificate Validation in Java: Build and Verify Chain and Verify CLR with Bouncy Castle

December 1, 2009
For one of my recent projects I needed to implement X.509 certificate validation library that validates a certificate across given set of trusted root certificated and a set of intermediate certificate. Initially I thought this is a problem that has already out-of-the-box solution in BouncyCastle but the CRL verification was found to be unpleasant to

NHibernate Lazy Loading BLOB column

November 30, 2009
For my last project we used Oracle 10g and NHibernate ORM framework (the project was started 4-5 yars ago, long before LINQ and ADO.NET Entity Framework). I had a database table which holds payment information along with scanned images of the payment documents. Usually such tables are mapped with a class fully corresponding to the