My Talk about High Quality Code at the BGOUG Autumn Meeting in Pravetz

November 19, 2010
It is late evening (… or let’s say it correctly, 4:30 early in the morning, 19 November 2010). I finally finished preparing my presentation for my upcoming talks at the next morning at the Autumn Conference of the Bulgarian Oracle User Group (BGOUG) in Pravetz. I will talk about creating high-quality programming code in Java:

My Talk at OpenFest2009 – Writing Open Source Books with Large Team of Authors

November 9, 2009
Yesterday I delivered a talk at OpenFest’2009 to share my rich experience in writing free open-source books with a large team authors and editors. Particuarly I presented the methodology, the organizational and management practices I applied during the work on my last successfull project of this kind: the open source book “Introduction to Programming with

How to Write a Book with Team of 30 Authors – Invited Talk

October 18, 2009
Last Sunday I was given an invited talk in the Club “Stop and Think!” about writing open source books with a large team of 30 authors. This process is really a challenge because the authors are enthusiasts and they write for the good of the community. You are not their boss because you don’t pay