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Never Use GoDaddy Services!

Never use GoDaddy! GoDaddy are cheaters!

A year ago I needed to purchase hosting services for hosting few domains and emails. In the adveertisment it was said that GoDaddy supports anything I need (hosting emails, web, subdomains, enough traffic and hosting space) but it was misleading advertisment. GoDaddy is a fraud!!! Here are few reasons why:

1) You can not try the service for free. The only chance is to purchase it. You can not purchase it for just a month. They let me purchase 1 year hosting with not option for money back refund.

2) After they crarged my credit card, I found that GoDaddy can not host email for subdomains, e.g. if you need to have email like [email protected] this is not possible with GoDaddy. They don’t have secure FTP. They don’t support catch all email filter. They don’t have most usual hosting features offered by cPanel.

3) GoDaddy has extremely unusable user interface. If you want to do some change, e.g. create a new mailbox, you should submit the change and wait for few hours for changes to happen. Hey, GoDaddy, which century you are living? I was amazed how terrible is their admin interface.

4) After you register, you will soon find the GoDaddy’s service is unusable and you want to cancel it. This is impossible! They don’t refund money back. You pay some money, find that the service you purchased is fake and does not work and you can not do anything.

5) A year after GoDaddy fraud me, I received a notice that my credit card is charged again for a service that I have never used and have not purchased. They sent me an email saying “We just want to let you know we’ve automatically renewed the following items … We have billed your Visa card …”. You can not cancel this charge. They just charge you without requesting a confirmation.

GoDaddy are fraud! Once created, you can not delete your account. There is not such option in their site menus. The only way to stop their charges to your credit card is to ask your bank to revoke your credit card. You don’t have a chance for chargeback. No way.

Now I am trying to cancel my account at GoDaddy and their support don’t answer me. They just steal my money.

Never use GoDaddy! GoDaddy are cheaters!

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