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Next IT Boxing Is Comming: Web Technologies (ASP.NET, JSF, PHP)

IT Boxing - LogoThe next IT Boxing event is coming. The date is 6 March 2008. TThe venue is the same: Sofia, Park-hotel Moscow. The topic is “Web technologies” and the team will present the hottest Web technologies from .NET, Java and PHP.

Talks will be split into short sessions (20 minutes) and the focus will be on the demonstrations rather than theory.

The match we will have 3 teams:

1) The .NET team will have on the board a famous International speaker – Alex Thissen from INETA. Alex will come for the event from The Netherlands to talk about ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. I have confirmations from other famous speakers: Branimir Giurov, Galin Iliev, Martin Kulov, Stefan Dobrev, Deyan Varchev.

2) The Java team will be lead by Nikolay Dokovski, a JSF industry expert, working for SAP A.G. He will defend the JavaServer Faces technology along with hid team.

3) The PHP team will stand for proving that PHP is a strong platform for Enterprise Web applications. Speaker will be Peter Vukadinov from Varna.

Visit the IT Boxing Official Web Site for more information.

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