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Open Source Book “Introduction to Programming with Java”

Last week I started a project to create a new book for sofwate engineers: “Introduction to Programming with Java”. The book will focus on the fundamentals of computer programming rather than on the Java language. This is not a book about Java. This is a book about the concepts of computer programming. It is intended for beginners and will be written in Bulgarian language.

The Book Contents

Below is the table of contents:

  • Chapter 0: Preface
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Programming
  • Chapter 2: Primitive Types and Variables
  • Chapter 3: Operators and Expressions
  • Chapter 4: Console Input Output
  • Chapter 5: Conditional Statements
  • Chapter 6: Loops
  • Chapter 7: Arrays
  • Chapter 8: Numeral Systems
  • Chapter 9: Methods and Recursion
  • Chapter 10: Creating and Using Objects
  • Chapter 11: Exceptions Handling
  • Chapter 12: Strings
  • Chapter 13: Data Structures (Lists, Trees and Hash Tables)
  • Chapter 14: Using Text Files
  • Chapter 15: Defining Own Classes
  • Chapter 16: Object Oriented Programming Principles
  • Chapter 17: High Quality Programming Code
  • Chapter 18: Practical Exercises

The Idea

The idea for writing this book came because lots of people ask me constantly “I am beginner and I want to learn programming. Which book is good to start with?”. I don’t have good answer to this questions. I don’t know good book in Bulgarian for starting programming. Writing sucg book will fill the gap on the market.

Open Source – Free for Anyone

The book will be distributed as PDF document freely like the open source software. It will be sold also in a hardware form on the price of the paper.

The Team

Until today (25 July) already 23 people joined the team: Svetlin Nakov, Panayot Dobrikov, Boris Chervenkov, Vladimir Tsanev, Mario Peshev, Marian Nenchev, Todor Balabanov, Alexander Dobrev, teodor Stoev, Danail Alexiev, George Penchev, Nikolay Vasilev, Lachezar Bozhkov, Ivaylo Ivanov, Tsvyatko Konov, Vesko Kolev, Ivan Davidov, Lachezar Tsekov, Hristo Todorov, Marin Todorov, Rumiana Topalska, Radoslav Ivanov, Plamen Tabakov.

The team is open for more contributors.

The Book Web Site

The web site for the project development is located at Google Code:

All documents and resources developed as part of this project are publicly available here:


The main sponsor of the project is the National Academy for Software Development (NASD). It donated its lectures and all other training materials from the course “Introduction to Programming with Java” to the community and these materials will serve as skeleton for the entire book contents. NASD also supported the project by providing his employee Svetlin Nakov as project manager and providing few authors and editors.

Expected Publish Date

We will try to complete the book in September 2008 and we hope we can.

Official Web Site:

The official book’s Web site is:

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