Extract All Classes Loaded in the JVM into a Single JAR

August 27, 2008
Today I needed to optimize the file size for a commercial Java applet (Web form signer) that my team is developing in the last month. We use few external libraries (Bouncy Castle Crypto API and few others) and these libraries are above 2 MB in several JAR files. If we were developing server side application,

BGJUG Meeting – Java FX (28 August 2008)

August 25, 2008
The next meeting of the Bulgarian Java Users Group (BGJUG) will be held on 28 August 2008 in the Chemistry Faculty, Hall 210 in Sofia, starting at 18:30. The topicwill be the Java FX technology. Speaker will be Naiden Gochev.

JSObject is not Thread-Safe

August 24, 2008
In one of my last projects I was working on Java applet that needed to digitally sign data forms at the client side in a Web browser. I with my team developed the applet and it did the job well. Unfortunately our customer decided to put multiple instances of the applet in a single Web

Debugging Java Applets in Eclipse

August 20, 2008
Today I needed to debug Java applet running in Internet Explorer from Eclipse. I was not straightforward. Let me share the experience how to do this: 1) First enable remote debugging in the Java Plugin: a) Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> Java –> Java Applet Runtime Settings –> View b) Add the following

Reading File Contents in Firefox 3 and Other Browsers

August 19, 2008
In the last few weeks I work on a project about digitally signing Web forms. I need to develop a Java applet that signs Web forms (all form fields along with the attachments). The way we want to implement this is to use signed applet (running in the client Web browsers without any security restrictions)