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The Book “Introduction to Programming with Java” is Finally Published

Intro Java Book - front cover

Recently my team of 20 authors and few editors working on creating a contemporary book about the fundamentals of computer programming, data structures and algorithms is ready with the public official release of the book:

The book “Introduction to Programming with Java” focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming, logical, algorithmical thinking, problem solving, data structures and algorithms. It uses a contemporary object-oriented approach and language but is valuable for any non-Java programmer in the begginning of his career. The book is free and open-source.

The contents of the book:

  • Chapter 0. Preface
  • Chapter 1. Introduction to Programming
  • Chapter 2. Primitive Types and Variables
  • Chapter 3. Operators and Expressions
  • Chapter 4. Console Input and Output
  • Chapter 5. Conditional Statements
  • Chapter 6. Loops
  • Chapter 7. Arrays
  • Chapter 8. Numeral Systems
  • Chapter 9. Methods
  • Chapter 10. Recursion
  • Chapter 11. Creating and Using Objects
  • Chapter 12. Exceptions Handling
  • Chapter 13. Strings
  • Chapter 14. Defining Classes
  • Chapter 15. Text Files
  • Chapter 16. Linear Data Structures
  • Chapter 17. Trees and Graphs
  • Chapter 18. Dictionaries, Hash Tables and Sets
  • Chapter 19. Data Structures: Comparison and Best Practices
  • Chapter 20. Object-Oriented Programming Principles
  • Chapter 21. High-Quality Programming Code
  • Chapter 22. How to Solve Programming Tasks?
  • Chapter 23. Example Topic from Exam in NASD – 30.09.2005
  • Chapter 24. Example Topic from Exam in NASD – 8.04.2006
  • Chapter 25. Example Topic from Exam in NASD – 11.12.2005

More information is available on the book’s official Web site:

Comments (15)

15 Responses to “The Book “Introduction to Programming with Java” is Finally Published”

  1. abhi says:

    When will you release its English version ? ?

  2. Nakov says:

    Not sure, maybe in 2011.

  3. abhi says:

    K Thank u..

  4. abhi says:

    great explanation sir..

    after reading this book, i got a crystal clear idea on each and every topic thank u so much sir..

    but i stuck up at one point while i m reading about primitive datatypes particularly at this point.

    ” First on our list is an integer type Byte . He is 8-bit character type, which means that the number of possible values is 2 to grade 8, ie 256 possible positive and negative values in common. Value default is the number 0. Minimum value that the loan is -128 and the maximum +127. ”

    1) a byte contains 8 bits and if all the bits are 1’s it can store 255, but its range specifying that it can store upto 127 only. why so ?

    2) Why java doesn’t support unsigned modifier ?

    Thank u so much sir..

  5. birkoff says:

    Well, from -128 to 127 there are 255 different values. 😉

  6. Gasha says:

    Hi. Is there English version of this book.
    I’m currently reading C#, and it’s exellent.

  7. Nakov says:

    There is no English version of the Java book.

  8. Ahmed says:

    When exactly the English version will be available?

    • nakov says:

      We have no plans for English version.

      • Sorin says:

        Too bad that an English translation is not available. I liked how the topics are explained in the C# book.
        I especially like the combination of theory – problems for each chapter. Can we have at least a translation of the problems and tips in English?
        Please let me know if they are similar with the ones in the C# book, they area really good.

  9. amir says:

    is there an English version???

  10. Johan says:

    Please make the English version available…that would be great!

  11. Johan says:

    The download link for the book is not working….:-(

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