NHibernate Lazy Loading BLOB column

November 30, 2009
For my last project we used Oracle 10g and NHibernate ORM framework (the project was started 4-5 yars ago, long before LINQ and ADO.NET Entity Framework). I had a database table which holds payment information along with scanned images of the payment documents. Usually such tables are mapped with a class fully corresponding to the

New Book: Introduction To Programming With C#

November 21, 2009
Today I with Vesko Kolev started a new project: writing a C# book in Bulgarian for beginners that covers the fundamental concepts of computer programming, data structures and algorithms as well as object-oriented concepts, high-quality programming code and problem solving. The book is titled “Introduction to Programming with C#” and will be based on its

Playing with the Scanner with WIA and C#

November 17, 2009
Last week I needed to implement a piece of software for scanning small documents (bank payment orders). The problem was to scan documents with specific size (less than A4) in 300 DPI and with normal brightness and contrast. I found that in C# there are two general approaches to this problem: Using the TWAIN interface

Security and Administration of Oracle Database – Course @ FMI, Sofia University

November 10, 2009
I am involved in the teaching and organization of the course “Security and Administration of Oracle Database” which is held for the MSc programs in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) of Sofia University. The course is part of the MSc program “Information Protection in the Computer Systems and Networks”. The main lecturer in

My Talk at OpenFest2009 – Writing Open Source Books with Large Team of Authors

November 9, 2009
Yesterday I delivered a talk at OpenFest’2009 to share my rich experience in writing free open-source books with a large team authors and editors. Particuarly I presented the methodology, the organizational and management practices I applied during the work on my last successfull project of this kind: the open source book “Introduction to Programming with

Tesseract OCR Engine – Technical Talk at OpenFest’2009

November 8, 2009
Today I had a technical talk at OpenFest 2009 along with my colleague Vesko Kolev. We presented the OCR technologies and the open source OCR engine Tesseract. I demonstrated hot to download and compile tesseract, how it works, when it recognizes text correctly and when it fails and how to train it in a new