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High-Quality-Programming Code Course @ Sofia University (FMI)

On 23 February 2010 the course “High-Quality Programming Code” which is held in the Technical University of Sofia (TU) started in Sofia University (SU), at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI). It was approved by the Faculty Council as optional subject. This means that students can choose whether to go to the course or not, but if they choose to go to the course, it becomes a regular subject with graduation mark at the end.

On the photo below, the principal lecturer Svetlin Nakov explains the course objectives, assesment and the concepts of building high-quality programming code during the software construction process:

High-Quality Code - Sofia University - Pic2


The content of the course is similar with the one in the Technical University (High-Quality Programming – TU – Sofia). The target group is again young students studying computer science related specialties.


The assessment is based on the same requirements as it is in the Technical University – test and course project (divided into two parts – entrance project and final project). The interesting part is that the second part of the project (the final project) needs refactoring of the entrance project of the students from the other university. The purpose of the entrance project is to get some code written without any quality requirements so after finishing the course students from the other university should do the refactoring and write unit tests of some entrance project submitted by their colleagues. SU students will refactor the code written by TU students and vice versa.

Awards and Certification

Best students will be awarded with certificates and awards from our sponsor: SoftUni (


There is high interest for this course. About 150 students are visiting the lectures regularly:

High-Quality Code - Sofia University

The lectures and other training materials can be downloaded from the official Web site of the course “High-quality Programming Code”:

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