Java 7 Seminar by Svetlin Nakov and Mihail Stoynov @ BGOUG in Plovdiv

April 24, 2010
On 24 April 2010 I was invited along with my colleague Mihail Stoynov as speakers at a half-day seminar on Java 7. In 3 sequential sessions we presented in deep details what is coming with the new release of the Java platform – Java 7, which is expected to be released in the end of

Svetlin Nakov was Awarded with a PhD Degree in Informatics

April 12, 2010
Today Svetlin Nakov defended successfully his PhD thesis titled “Automatic Extraction of False Friends from Parallel Bilingual Corpus” and was awarded with the scientific and educational degree “Doctor of Philosopy” (PhD) in Informatics in the area of computational linguistics. The thesis was defended according to the Bulgarian law, in front of the Specialized Scientific Council