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Free ASP.NET Courses in FMI and TU-Sofia – Starting in October 2010

I am happy to announce that our free training course “Web Applications Development with .NET Framework and ASP.NET” is about to start again in October 2010. It will be held in parallel in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI) of Sofia University and in the Technical University of Sofia.

The course will cover the fundamentals of C# and .NET Framework, databases, SQL and LINQ to SQL, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET data binding, and AJAX. Graduated students will be capable to create dynamic data-driven Web applications such as Web collaboration portals and social networks.

Preliminary Course Program

The preliminary course program will be more or less similar to the program from the last semester:

  1. Course Overview – Presenting the Course Objectives, Lecturers, Exams, etc.
  2. .NET Framework Overview – .NET, .NET Framework, CLR, MSIL, Assemblies, CTS, .NET languages
  3. C# Language Overview – Part I – Data Types, Operators, Expressions, Statements, Console I/O, Conditional Statements, Loops, Arrays, Methods
  4. C# Language Overview – Part II – Creating and Using Objects, Exceptions, Strings, Generics, Collections, Attributes
  5. Object-Oriented Programming with C# – Defining Classes, Constructors, Properties, Methods, Delegates, Events, Static Members, Interfaces, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  6. Databases, SQL and MS SQL Server – RDBMS, SQL Language, SQL SELECT, Joins, Aggregate Functions, Grouping, SQL INSERT, SQL UPDATE, SQL DELETE, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio
  7. LINQ and LINQ-to-SQL – LINQ Operators and Expressions, Projections, Conversions, Aggregations, LINQ-to-SQL, Visual Studio LINQ-to-SQL Designer, Using DataContext to Read / Create / Update / Delete Data
  8. Web Technologies Basics – HTTP, HTML, Text, Images, Tables, Forms, CSS, JavaScript
  9. ASP.NET – Part I – ASP.NET Web Forms, Code Behind Pages, Page Execution Model, Web Server Controls, HTML Server Controls, Creating Simple Web Applications
  10. ASP.NET – Part II – Data Binding and Data-Bound Controls: Data Sources (LinqDataSource, ObjectDataSoucre), GridView, FormView, DetailsView, DataList, Repeater, ListView, Pager
  11. ASP.NET – Part III – Session and State Management, Master Pages and Navigation, User Controls, Web.config, ASP.NET Membership, IIS and Deployment
  12. ASP.NET AJAX – ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, AJAX Control Toolkit
  13. Silverlight – XAML, Text, Images, Graphics, Shapes, Creating Silverlight Applications, Text Controls, Buttons, List Controls, Data Binding and Data-Bound Controls
  14. ASP.NET MVC – ASP.NET MVC Architecture, Routing, Controllers, Views, Models, JQuery and AJAX, Validation, Unit Tests
  15. Practical Project Demo – Creating Dynamic Rich-Data ASP.NET Web Application – Step-by-Step Live Demo


The course starts on 6th October 2010, 18:00 in FMI, Sofia University, Lab 229 and will be held each Wednesday until the end of the winter semester.

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