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What is Web UI Prototype? Example of Web UI Prototype

Some people are asking me what is “prototyping”, why it is important to prototype the software in the early stages of the development process and how a prototype looks like.

Prototyping is well-known concept in software engineering. We could find many good articles about it and answers to the above questions by performing a simple Google search (e.g. try searching “user interface prototyping”).

I often tell my students to create a small prototype of the system before starting of its implementation. This is generally a good idea by students always want to see an example. Recently I tried to find an example of Web UI prototype and this was not easy. In fact after 15 minutes searching I failed to find any good example of Web UI prototype – a set of Web pages (HTML + CSS) that illustrate how a system will look like and how it will perform its functionality when it will be implemented.

Finally I needed to create a Web UI prototype to show the students and I would like to share it with you. It is called “Art Gallery”, a prototype of a simple Web photo album in which users can browse the folders (galleries) and view images inside them and the administrators could create / edit / delete folders and images.

Art Galerry - UI Prototype

Download the Web UI prototype example now:

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