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Intro C# Book: Just Published Alpha Edition

Intro C# book coverAs part of the continuous work on writing a high-quality book on computer programming for beginners, I have significant progress with the “Introduction to Programming with C#” book. Most of the book chapters are completely finished and only one chapter (14. Defining Classes) is completely unfinished due to internal confusion.

The good news are that today I created an early alpha preview version of the book which can be downloaded from its SVN development repository:

Note that you should consider this alpha release as early preview, a version far away from production quality. This is not finished variant of the book. My team and most I have at least a month of hard work to finish it and clean up the bugs, incorrect formatting, wrong pictures, to complete the exercises and their corresponding guidelines, to process the TODOs, to compile the book into a single file with correctly working links, to update its web site, etc.

I hope the book to be published at the end of the year but this depends on how much other work I have. In the mean time enjoy the bug and don’t forget to send the bugs you find in the book’s development mailing list:

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