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Blockchain Introduction

Recently I had a talk about the Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and their application to the real world economy. Watch my blockchain talk as video:

About this Blockchain Talk

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger (distributed database with no owner) running the infrastructure for digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It this talk the speaker will explain briefly how the blockchain networks work, the mining process, the nature of distributed ledgers and the concept of “smart contracts“. Major blockchain networks like Ethereum and Bitcoin will be discussed as well as some significant blockchain-based decentralized apps and projects. The concept of digital currency wallets will be discussed. The speaker will explain how the ecosystem of blockchain and cryptocurrencies drives the fund raising for modern startups through financial instruments like ICO (initial coin offering) and token sale events. The application of blockchain in the corporate world using networks like Hyperledger and Azure Blockchain as a Service will also be mentioned. Finally some ideas about the future of blockchain and how it will change the world will be shared and discussed.

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