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Speaker at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 | Berlin

I am happy to announce that I was accepted as a speaker at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 | Berlin. The conference is one of the most significant technical blockchain events in Europe, so I will be happy to meet colleagues, developers, blockchain engineers and fellows from the crypto industry in Berlin in November 2018.

My talk is in the “Advanced Blockchain Development” track and will be about the concepts and implementations of “Multi-Signature Wallets” used to protect and manage crypto-assets using multi-signature scheme (e.g. 2 out of 3 signatures required to sign and send a transaction):

I will demonstrate an Solidity implementation of multisignature-wallet contract, along with client-side tools from the Gnosis project, running on the Ethereum Ropsten testnet.

Video from the Blockchain Berlin

Slides from Blockchain Berlin

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One Response to “Speaker at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 | Berlin”

  1. George Levy says:

    Excellent to read that you are a speaker at the Blockchain Technology Conference event, especially on such an important topic as multi-signature wallets.

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