October 13, 2010
This Technology is Obsolete! Warning: the Java applets technology is obsolete and is no longer supported in modern Web browsers. The most stable solution for signing documents with a smart card in the Web browser (as of June 2016) is the hwcrypto.js from (the Estonian government crypto project). Is provides JavaScript crypto API and

Applying for a Job and Writing a Cover Letter: Top 7 Memorable Mistakes

Recently I am involved again in recruiting a large number of people in the field of software development and every day I receive a number of amazing and frustrating job applications that let me fall down in unbreakable infectious laughter. Thanks to all these applicants. They make my work day full of joy and laughter.

Universal Relative to Physical Path Converter for Windows Forms / ASP.NET / WPF / Console Apps

July 14, 2009
The .NET Framework does not provide standard functionality for resolving a path relative to the application root to a physical file system path. Thus in ASP.NET Web applications we need to use Server.MapPath(), but in console and Windows Forms / WPF applications we need to rely on the current directory. Moreover if we run a

Finding the Directory Where Your Java .class File is Loaded From

June 11, 2008
Today I had to solve an unusual problem: I needed to find the directory that was used to load a specific Java .class file (the location in the file system of given .class file). I needed it because I wanted to load resources located somewhere in the classPath with file access API (not with accessable

Building Data Driven Applications with LINQ-to-SQL and ASP.NET: The Session-Per-Request Pattern for ASP.NET

May 16, 2008
In this article I will focus on buiding the data access layer in ASP.NET 3.5 Web applications with LINQ to SQL and SQL Server. Lots of articles introduce the LINQ technology, the LINQ to SQL object-relational mapping technology and ASP.NET 3.5 so I will skips these introduction and will explain the main problem I found