Svetlin Nakov is No Longer Involved in the National Academy for Software Development (NASD)

December 1, 2009
Starting from March 2009 I left the National Academy for Software Development (NASD). NASD was really nice project and it was running successfully for few years but the idea changed so much that from some point in 2008 I was no longer able to enjoy doing this work. Why I left NASD? 1) My dream

About the ASP.NET Persistent Authentication Cookies Timeout

September 9, 2009
Most people using ASP.NET Form Authentication use the built-in <asp:Login> control that works fine but when we use a custom login form we have the follofing problem: the cookie expiration timeout in ASP.NET Forms Authentication for persistent and non-persistent sessions uses the same value. It is defined in Web.config in the timeout attribute of the

C# Code for Changing Internet Explorer Security Settings and .NET Security Policy to Run Windows Forms based ActiveX with Full Trust

May 15, 2009
I am working on an ActiveX control that allows using a device for scanning personal ID cards in a Web application (based on ASP.NET). The card scanning device (called RTE reader) is accessed using a native DLL that communicates with the device through the COM port by using a proprietary protocol. It is pretty complicated

Give full trust to .NET assembly hosted in a Web page in Internet Explorer

October 31, 2007
I have a .NET 2.0 assembly that runs in the Internet Explorer Web browser as hosted control. The assembly is called ExampleControl.dll. The HTML file used to display it is the following: Now I want to increase its priviledges to be able to connect to Microsoft SQL Server. If I just create a new code