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Svetlin Nakov is No Longer Involved in the National Academy for Software Development (NASD)

Starting from March 2009 I left the National Academy for Software Development (NASD). NASD was really nice project and it was running successfully for few years but the idea changed so much that from some point in 2008 I was no longer able to enjoy doing this work.

Why I left NASD?

1) My dream was about running a software development training center where people get 100% free training and this was really achieved in 2006, 2007 and 2008. At some point the trainings became paid and I was no longer motivated to participate.

2) I really enjoy teaching young and motivated people in software technologies and software engineering and I really do this job well but NASD was fast growing (30 employees in 2008) and at some moment the things got out of my control. Initially I teached all the courses and the teaching quality was superior. Later we employed junior trainers who was good but not the same level like me. Some business partners of mine told me that they want me to teach the people personally. This was not possible because in 2007 and 2008 I was team leader of 5 to 7 software development projects in the same time and coordinator of all training courses. At some moments we had 8 courses running in parallel. We employed few developers who was working on projects in the day and on trainings in the evenings. Most of them were really good developers and good trainers, but people still asked me to teach the people myself. This was the second reason to leave NASD and to find a different way to conduct software development trainings.

What will Happen with NASD?

Please don’t ask me this question. I really don’t know and this is out of my control! NASD was founded by me (with few partners) but I was never been CEO of NASD Ltd. and I even had a minor share of it all the time. I left NASD when the trainings became paid and some students needed to pay for some courses that were initially offered as free. I didn’t like this to happen and I left this company. Now my former partners are driving it. I am no longer involved in any activity that NASD is performing.

Free Trainings, New Academy or What is Next?

This is a good question. In November 2009 I joined Telerik Corporation to organize software development trainings for producing skillful .NET software engineers. Now I lead the project called Telerik Academy that is bringing me back to my initial idea of creating a software development academy. We provide free software development courses and I personally teach all the students in Telerik Academy. I feel closer to my dreams about teaching motivated young people in software engineering and technologies free of charge and preparing them for the real world industrial software development. Note that Telerik Academy is not a successor of NASD. I just moved to a new job. I believe the results will be outstanding like in the first days of NASD.

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