Java2Days Conference: 8-9 October 2009 in Bulgaria

September 22, 2009
All Java and Java EE developers are invited to the unique for the Balkans and Eastern Europe conference on Java technologies called Java2Days. At the conference distinguished speakers will talk in Sofia about Java, Java EE 6, JBoss, EJB 3.1, Spring Framework, JPA, OSGi, GWT, JSF, jBPM, Wicket, JRockit, cloud computing and other hot technologies.

Finding the Directory Where Your Java .class File is Loaded From

June 11, 2008
Today I had to solve an unusual problem: I needed to find the directory that was used to load a specific Java .class file (the location in the file system of given .class file). I needed it because I wanted to load resources located somewhere in the classPath with file access API (not with accessable

GWT Tk – Patched to Support GWT 1.4.60

November 10, 2007
GWT Tk ( is an excellent open-source GWT widget library. I use it to show modal dialog boxes in my GWT applications. There is only one problem: the ModalDialog does not work with the latest version of GWT: GWT 1.4.60. I investigated where the problem comes from and I patched the file to run

New version of GWT Advanced Table

I released a new version of my GWT Advanced Table widget. It now supports multiple rows selection: I hope all GWT fans will enjoy using it.

BGJUG First Meeting, BASD Seminar, GWT Talk

September 30, 2007
On 26th of September 2007 I and Peter Tahchiev organized the first meeting of the Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG) running at the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD). It was attended by about 120 Java developers. It is a good start! I gave a talk on AJAX applications development with the Google Web Toolkit

GWT Advanced Table – new version

September 5, 2007
I published a new version of my GWT Advanced Table widget – a reusable GWT table component that supports data paging, sorting and filtering in AJAX fasion: I added row selection support that was missing in the first release. See the official Google Code project for more information and downloads:

Building GWT applications with “ant”

August 24, 2007
Today I needed to deploy an early preview version of our GWT based product to the testing server on the customer site. I didn’t mentioned early but our product is a large content repository for famous Bulgarian telecom. It took me 2 hours or maybe more to write and debug ant based build script but

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) – Advanced Table with Paging, Sorting and Filtering

August 22, 2007
I work on a meidum sized Java project and we use GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Hibernate and Oracle. I am a technical architect for the project and I manage small team of developers in the same time. GWT is interesting technology for creating dynamic AJAX applications. It is like Swing: you write Java code, use