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Google Web Toolkit (GWT) – Advanced Table with Paging, Sorting and Filtering

I work on a meidum sized Java project and we use GWT (Google Web Toolkit), Hibernate and Oracle. I am a technical architect for the project and I manage small team of developers in the same time.

GWT is interesting technology for creating dynamic AJAX applications. It is like Swing: you write Java code, use containers and controls (called widgets), assign properties, handle events, like creating Java GUI application, but all this Java code is compiled to JavaScript and is executed at the client side by the Web browser. Interesting, but young technology, not rich enough. It does not support Java 5 (you need to code in Java 1.4). The available widgets are limited and not enough functional. I lose lot of time creating my own widgets.

The last widget I created was a GWT Advanced table that suports paging, sorting and filtering. It runs on the client side but takes the data displayed in the table from the server side. This is how it looks like:

GWT Advanced table widget - screenshot

I was satisfied by developing this widget. It was really nice. It was designed for reusability, so I want to share it with you. I created a project at Google Code ( and published the source code as freeware software. You can visit its official Web site here: I didn’t created comprehensive documentation, but the code is clean and easy modifiable. Example is also available in the SVN repository:

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