Finding the Directory Where Your Java .class File is Loaded From

June 11, 2008
Today I had to solve an unusual problem: I needed to find the directory that was used to load a specific Java .class file (the location in the file system of given .class file). I needed it because I wanted to load resources located somewhere in the classPath with file access API (not with accessable

Implicit Variables in Java 7?

November 12, 2007
Few days ago the Belgian Java Users Group (BeJUG) and the Brazilian Java Users Group (SouJava) jointly discussed a submission of few new features as language JSR for JDK7 in the Java Community Process. Lot of small nice features were introduced but one thins was still missing. Implicit Variable Declarations The implicit variable declarations with

GWT Tk – Patched to Support GWT 1.4.60

November 10, 2007
GWT Tk ( is an excellent open-source GWT widget library. I use it to show modal dialog boxes in my GWT applications. There is only one problem: the ModalDialog does not work with the latest version of GWT: GWT 1.4.60. I investigated where the problem comes from and I patched the file to run

Automatically connect to VPN / PPPoE connection in Windows

August 25, 2007
My Internet provider forces me to use PPPoE to connect to Internet. It is unpleasant to manually start the connection when Windows restarts or the connection drop. This is even worse when I am not physically at the machine’s console – if the connection accidentally drop I can not establish Remote Desktop session. Windows does

GWT GroupBox panel widget

August 23, 2007
I needed for my GWT project a panel that supports showing a set of widgets in a group (GroupBox panle). I needed the exact functionality like the HTML fieldset/legend tags: I didn’t found any ready-to-use widget so I implemented one myself. Here is the source code: It was really easy to extend the flow panel