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GWT GroupBox panel widget

I needed for my GWT project a panel that supports showing a set of widgets in a group (GroupBox panle). I needed the exact functionality like the HTML fieldset/legend tags:

I didn’t found any ready-to-use widget so I implemented one myself. Here is the source code:


public class GroupBoxPanel extends FlowPanel {

private Element legend;

public GroupBoxPanel() {
Element fieldset = DOM.createFieldSet();
this.legend = DOM.createLegend();
DOM.appendChild(fieldset, legend);

public String getCaption() {
return DOM.getInnerText(this.legend);

public void setCaption(String caption) {
DOM.setInnerText(this.legend, caption);

It was really easy to extend the flow panel and add <fieldset> and <legend> tags around the panel element. Hope this widget will be useful to everybody. I may wish to modify the CSS to make it look better.

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3 Responses to “GWT GroupBox panel widget”

  1. teerapong says:

    thank you very much , I’m newer for java
    and i would like to khown about ul li tag in gwt;

    please write some article for me

    thank you

  2. teerapong says:

    it have error “AssertionError: Element may only be set once” how to result this problem?

  3. nakov says:

    This widget is too old and is not supported. I think something has been changed in GWT and now it might not work well. You can use the Ext-GWT library:

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