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Third IT Boxing Match: Platforms for Enterprise Development, Web Services and SOA @ 25 June 2008 in Sofia

I am preparing the next IT Boxing event: Platforms for Enterprise Development, Web Services and SOA. The event will be held on 25 June 2008 from 17:30 in Park Hotel Moscow in Sofia.

Platforms for Enterprise Development, Web Services and SOA

Enterprise applications are complex distributed software systems designed to meet the requirements and needs of large organizations. Typically enterprise systems are running inside enterprise platforms such as Java EE and Microsoft .NET and drive the entire business processes within the organizations.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides a relatively new approach to building enterprise applications based on the concept of developing, publishing and consuming loosely coupled software components called “services”.

Web services and their complete protocol stack (HTTP / SOAP / WSDL) provide standards based infrastructure for building SOA solutions that is supported by virtually any enterprise platform.

Large industry vendors like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and SAP provide platforms for enterprise applications supporting solid infrastructure for building, deploying, running and managing large multitier and SOA applications.

In this issue of the IT Boxing Championship the fans of the worlds leading Java EE and Microsoft .NET platforms will dispute which platform is better.


The event will be held on 25 June 2008, starting from 18:00 h in Park-hotel Moscow, Sofia, hall Moscow. The hall capacity is 350 people.






Presenting the “IT Boxing Championship” initiative, the dispute topic, teams and rules

Svetlin Nakov,

The Referee Team


Technical talk #1

The Java Team


Technical talk #2

The .NET Team


Technical talk #3

The Java Team


Technical talk #4

The .NET Team




Open dispute and direct fight between the teams

The .NET Team

The Java Team

The Referee Team


Voting, announcing the results and awarding the winners

All visitors vote

Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) and its Web Services and SOA Stack

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is a widely used platform for server side development in the Java programming language. Java EE and is an industry standard for implementing enterprise-class distributed systems and service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. It provides solid architecture and programming model for development and execution of Web applications, Web services, distributed applications, components, services and SOA solutions.

Java EE is designed for enterprise systems and natively supports the latest Web services standards (W3C and OASIS) and provides solid infrastructure for SOA applications.

Java EE applications run in an application server such as JBoss, IBM WebSphere, SAP Netweaver and Oracle Containers for Java EE, which implement the Java EE specification and provide many additional services.

Microsoft .NET Platform and its Web Services and SOA Stack

Microsoft .NET is a leading industry platform for developing enterprise Web applications, Web services and SOA solutions. Its heart, the .NET Framework provides a stable infrastructure, programming model and execution environment for developing and running applications on Windows servers, clients, and mobile or embedded devices.

.NET Framework with its Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) provides a built-in infrastructure of technologies for building connected systems and workflow enabled applications on Windows. It implements the most recent Web services standards and provides easy-to-use SOA environment.

Free Event

The event is free and the hall is large, so please come with your friends! Everyone will get small gifts from our sponsors.

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