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Java 7 New Features – Seminar in Technical University – Sofia, Organized by the Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG)

I was speaker along with my colleague Mihail Stoynov at the seminar organized by the Bulgarian Java User Group (BGJUG) on 20 May 2010 in the Technical University of Sofia. We presented the upcoming Java 7 and its amazing new features like the built-in JVM support of dynamic languages (Da Vinci Virtual Machine), the small language changes that will make the developer’s life better (project Coin) and the proposed support of closures, lambda expressions and extension methods (project Lambda).


It was nice seminar and the developer’s community was actively interrupting our talk with interesting and even quarrelsome questions. Some people just didn’t want to believe that 90% of the new enhancements in Java 7 are already implemented in the Microsoft .NET Framework. I hope one day Java will catch up and .NET will also benefit of its features. The future will show what will happen. In the mean time both Java and C# will benefit from the amazing features from the dynamic languages like Python, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript Perl and even untraditional functional languages like Lisp and Haskell.


Download the presentation here: Java-7-New-Features-Nakov-BGJUG-Sofia-TU-20.05.2010.pptx.

Download the examples here:

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