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Telerik Academy – New Season in October 2010


Telerik Academy program is an initiative of Telerik Corporation for training highly motivated young people in .NET software engineering  and to hire the best graduates. The trainings take 6-8 months and cover in deep details the most important .NET technologies and software engineering concepts such as the C# language, the .NET Framework and its APIs, relational databases, SQL, SQL Server, ORM tools such as LINQ-to-SQL and ADO.NET Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, Web applications with ASP.NET and AJAX, desktop applications with WPF and Windows Forms, RIA applications with Silvelight and many others. The training focuses on the practical exercises and projects causing the students to master computer programming with .NET Framework and Visual Studio.

After the successful first season of the Telerik Academy program we plan to launch the new season in October 2010. We will work the next 2 months on advertising the Telerik Academy program and conducting the application process. We will accept 100-110 students in the entry-level C# course (Fundamentals of C# Programming – Part I) and will make an exam after the first month. The best 50% of the students will take the rest of our entry-level C# course (Fundamentals of C# Programming – Part II) for 2 months. The best 20 students will be hired as trainees in Telerik and will continue our 4-months long full-time training course “.NET Development Essentials”. All successfully graduated students will be hired permanently in the Telerik development teams.

The entire training program will take 7-8 months of free training and requires really hard work (~ 8 hours/day) and great motivation. The application process is still not open. More information will be published soon at the Telerik Academy official Web site:

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