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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Gets More Promising

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform is getting more and more promising. Dell announced to move 2 500 employees from BlackBerry to Windows Phone 7. I hope some day Apple and their iPhone to have a real competitor, since Google Android seems like will not be able to be really in the game.

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4 Responses to “Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Gets More Promising”

  1. Andrew says:

    Why do you think that Android won’t be “in the game”?
    Putting the fragmentation problem aside, they have a really strong platform, that’s quickly becoming part of people’s lives and is really been stepping up and going toe to toe with iOS.
    WP7 just seems too little, too late and Microsoft have only themselves to blame for sitting on their hands for the past 10 years.

  2. nakov says:

    To be honest, iPhone is the leader and Android is still weak. Did you had Android-based phone? Did you like it? I will never use Android again. It is far away from iPhone.

    Stability and usability is still entirely in the competences of Apple and no other phone can beat them (still). I hope some day there will be 3 strong competitors, even 4(+ Nokia) but nobody knows what will happen.

  3. Andrew says:

    That’s true, iOS is still ahead in usability and design, but Android is catching up fast.
    Android Gingerbread is said to going to be redesigned along the lines of what their current Gallery app looks like, and it is quite good looking. Let’s see what they’ll unveil on the 11th.

  4. vako says:

    Poor statement. The game is closed for new competitors, and thanks to this the Win Phone 7 will never be as big failure as MS’s desktop OS. Android may rely on the crappy Java, but it’s almost full openness is what powers it that hard. Numbers are clear – for US is iPhove vs Android, for the rest – Symbian vs Android.

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