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Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) at the Front-End Day in Telerik Academy

Telerik organized the first front-end development conference in Bulgaria – Front-End Day 2011. It was held in Sofia, in April 26-27. Our guests were Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) and few other Web, front-end and mobile Web development gurus.

PPK-at-Telerik-Academy-Front-End-Day-April-2011It was a nice event, focusing on the modern Web front-end technologies. The second day was hosted in Telerik Academy where we had a free training on Web game development and mobile Web.

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2 Responses to “Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) at the Front-End Day in Telerik Academy”

  1. aaa says:

    Еее как съм го изтървал това!

  2. Nakov says:

    Ами то беше invite only event, организиран от Телерик. Не беше разгласен много широко в публичното пространство.

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