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Speaker at BlockWorld 2018: Client-Side Wallets and Cryptography. Meet SoftUni and Svetlin Nakov @ BlockWorld

I am happy to announce that I will give two technical talks in the world’s largest and most significant technical conference for blockchain developers: BlockWorld 2018 @ San Jose (California) – 13-14 September 2018.

This is the next step in establishing SoftUni as the leading provider of blockchain technical education worldwide, just after the blockchain dev camps SoftUni conducted in Sofia and Singapore:

The talks that will be presented by d-r Svetlin Nakov from SoftUni at BlockWorld 2018 are listed below.

Client-Side Wallets

Client-Side Wallets – Slides

Client-Side Wallets – Video

Blockchain Cryptography for Developers

Blockchain Cryptography for Developers – Slides

Blockchain Cryptography for Developers – Videos

I will be happy to meet you in San Jose in September 2018 and I am open for technical discussions.

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