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Free Java Video Tutorial: Part 2 – Using Java IDE

I am happy to post my second code lesson in YouTube. This is the second part of my “Java tutorial” series of video lessons for absolute beginners:

Java Tutorial: Part 2 – IntelliJ IDEA

My plan for the next few weeks is to create an publish a tutorial of 10-15 free Java video lessons, which lay the foundation of programming in Java (Java coding, program logic, if-else, loops, basic data structures, arrays and lists, objects and classes). Then, I will continue with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Meanwhile I will post free videos on some more advanced topics, such as databases, front-end and back-end technologies, cryptography, blockchain, as well as how to become a software engineer and start a tech job.

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I have further plans for my YouTube channel to invite guest speakers to cover interesting topics for developers, such as game development, DevOps, Linux, cloud technologies, machine learning, job interviews, agile development and many others.

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