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AI for Business and Startups – My Talk at Innowave Summit 2023

Recently I had a talk titled “AI for Business and Startups” at Innowave Summit 2023 conference, where I demonstrated how to use modern generative AI tools for many tasks to boost your business or startup. I share my slides, which are full of demo prompts and sample results:

Download my slides and demo resources:

This is what I covered in this talk:

  • Artificial Intelligence is already here!
  • AI Tools for Business: Where is AI Used?
  • ChatGPT and Bard in Daily Tasks
  • ChatGPT and Bard for Creativity
  • ChatGPT and Bard for Marketing
  • ChatGPT for Data Analysis
  • DALL-E for Image Generation

Enjoy. And sorry, I was not allowed to record a video for this talk.

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