Академия на Телерик за ученици – второ безплатно обучение – 20-22 декември 2010

November 17, 2010
„Академията на Телерик за ученици“ организира за втори път тридневно безплатно обучение по практическа разработка на софтуер и подготовка за олимпиадата по информационни технологии (НОИТ). Безплатното обучение ще се проведе на 20, 21 и 22 декември от 10:00 до 19:00 часа в Центъра за подготовка на ученици за олимпиади в гр. София, бул. Драган Цанков

Java 7 Seminar by Svetlin Nakov and Mihail Stoynov @ BGOUG in Plovdiv

April 24, 2010
On 24 April 2010 I was invited along with my colleague Mihail Stoynov as speakers at a half-day seminar on Java 7. In 3 sequential sessions we presented in deep details what is coming with the new release of the Java platform – Java 7, which is expected to be released in the end of

Seminar “Practical Software Engineering” in TU-Sofia – 8 February 2010

January 1, 2010
I was recently invited by the Board of European Students of Technology (B.E.S.T. Sofia) to give a talk on “Practical Software Engineering Fundamentals” in the Technical University of Sofia. The event is designed for students who wants to become software engineers. Venue: TU-Sofia, hall 1153 Date: 8 February (Monday), 18:00 Software engineering defines the software

GForge as Collaboration Software for Software Development

November 8, 2007
About GForge I use GForge, an open-source software for collaboration in a development team for almost all my projects: software projects, courses, consulting projects, etc. I am very happy with GForge. It provides integrated set of collaboration tools: Subversion, CVS, project tracking tools, bug tracking, management of projects and users (create, manage, modify projects and