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SoftUni Global Learn to Code Community @

I am very happy to announce that SoftUni is now global. We are building a global learn-to-code community, which provides a free mentorship help for code learners, along with weekly code lessons with hands-on exercises, video tutorials, events for developers and other free learning resources. Come and join for free, learn coding, get help from our mentors and talk with other learners:

What is SoftUni Global Community?

SoftUni Global Community is an international community for people who learn coding, founded and supported by Svetlin Nakov (a famous software engineer and tech trainer) and SoftUni (the biggest tech education provider in South-East Europe).

The SoftUni global learn-to-code community provides high-quality learning resources for people who learn programming, free mentoring, community discussions, events and other resources. The community is based on the English language, which opens it up to people from all over the world.

At SoftUni we believe that learning in a groups, in a community, together with other learners, is quite more efficient and successful than learning alone. We believe in the power of communities and we guide our students from zero to their first developer job in a community-based environment. Now we expand globally with our free for anyone learn-to-code community.

Benefits for the Learn-to-Code Community Members

What people get from their free membership in the SoftUni Global Learn-To-Code Community?

  • High-quality learning resources for software development learners, available for free: coding tutorials, code lessons, hands-on exercises with automated grading, programming books, training courses and others.
  • Weekly code lessons: free video tutorials with hand-on exercises, focusing on different topics and aspects of software development, such as programming languages, data structures and algorithms, software technologies, databases, web development, front-end technologies, back-end technologies, mobile development, machine learning and many others.
  • Events for developers: inspirational and technical events for software engineers, with guests from big tech companies, who share their experience and advices about programming, software technologies and career development in the tech industry.
  • Free help from mentors, who are experienced software engineers. Our team of technical trainers, coding mentors and software developers from SoftUni will be happy to answer your questions and guide you in your code learning process.
  • Access to our free coding lessons and scheduled instructor-led courses, which build solid practical skills through high-quality teaching sessions, hands-on exercises and project-based learning experience, in groups, with mentors.

My Code Lessons

My plans for the next few months are to record and publish a few series of free code lessons on different topics from computer programming and software development. I will start with a practical hands-on Java tutorial, which combines video lessons with practical exercises with automated grading. All lessons, videos and resources will be in English.

I truly believe that to learn coding, you should code. You should practice! The only way to become a software developer is by writing code, a lot of code, every day, for years! This is what I am teaching my students in the last 20 years: to learn by doing, to practice every day, to solve coding problems, to write projects, to make mistakes, to fix them, to test and debug the code, to rewrite the code when it goes in wrong direction, to practice, practice, practice!

Practical learning with hands-on exercises and real-world software projects: this is how I trained 10K software engineers at SoftUni (together with my colleagues) and how they have a tech job (see their profiles in LinkedIn).

My First Code Lesson: Java Tutorial – Part 1 – Getting Started

This is the first episode from my “Code Lessons” series. It is the first from my “Java Tutorial” series, where I want to teach newbies the basics of Java programming:

Unlike most video tutorials for developers in YouTube, my free coding lessons always include a practical hands-on experience – a practical skill building exercises, where learners write code and sole practical coding problems. Try my coding lessons and you will experience coding. For most exercises I have prepared an automated grading system (the SoftUni judge), which evaluates your code and tells you whether its correct or wrong. This saves a lot of time, especially when you are a beginner in coding. Try it, believe me, experience my code lessons. They are free for everyone.

My YouTube Channel: Code with Nakov

Subscribe to my YouTube channelCode with Nakov“, where I post several times а week a new code lesson, technical talk, guest speaker session or live event on computer programming, software development and software technologies. Watch my free video lessons and programming tutorials and comment in the videos what do you like and what can be improved, propose new topics for video lessons, discuss and enjoy.

If you want to become a software developer, follow my code lessons and the practical hands-on exercises, coming with them. This is a good start that prepares you for mastering the software development profession, which requires significantly more efforts, and hard learning for a long time.

Soon I will announce my zero-to-job tech degree programs for absolute beginners in English, where I teach software engineering very seriously: from coding basics, loops, arrays and maps, through algorithmic thinking, problem solving and computer science concepts, to software technologies, databases, front-end and back-end and Web development.

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