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Joined as Advisor at weiDex Decentralized Exchange ICO

August 23, 2018
In the last month I joined as advisor for weiDex – a Decentralized Crypto Exchange, which is preparing to launch an ICO (token sale event). Why I believe in the weiDex Project and the ICO? I truly believe that weiDex project will be successful, because of many positive indications: weiDex has valid business case, with strong

Soft Unit конференция – 28-29 септември 2018 – останете в България, където вашата история има значение

July 31, 2018
С радост обявявам, че СофтУни заедно с FlyEvents организираме голяма технологична конференция “SoftUnit Conf 2018“, на 28-29 септември в София, с 2000-3000 участника, с топ лектори от България и чужбина, в три направления: Програмиране и софтуерни технологии Дигитален маркетинг и предприемачество Блокчейн и децентрализирани технологии Каузата на SoftUni Conf 2018 Soft Unit конференцията среща ученици,

Why I Joined as Tech Advisor at Tokenize Xchange (Singapore)?

June 25, 2018
In May 2018 I joined as technical advisor at Tokenize Xchange, a Singapore-based crypto exchange startup, which is launching an ICO to raise funds to expand its current services and build innovative products around the crypto trading industry. My Understandings about Good ICO Projects When I think of ICO / token sale projects I always check

I joined as Tech Advisor for Bountie ICO: Token Economy for Gamers

May 29, 2018
During my last visit in Singapore in May 2018 I met a highly motivated team, building a solid crypto-startup, called Bountie, around the gaming industry in Asia. Bountie is a platform that will pay gamers to play computer games, through a token economy and blockchain. My Blockchain Background My name is Svetlin Nakov, from Bulgaria.

The Upcoming “Decentralized Cloud” (DPaaS): Decentralized Computing + DB + Storage as a Service

April 24, 2018
I had a talk at a blockchain conference regarding the upcoming public “Decentralized Cloud” systems, which will combine the best of the public cloud platforms (like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku, …) with the blockchain and peer-to-peer networks (Ethereum, IPFS, EOS, TRON, NEM, NEO, Storj, Sia, …). Why? Because the trend towards decentralized organizations (DAO)

Blockchain Cryptography for Developers: ECC, secp256k1, SCrypt, AES, Wallets

April 15, 2018
Recently I had a talk about the basics of cryptography for blockchain developers at the Bulgarian Web Summit 2018. I am happy to succeed to introduce the most important concepts of the elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), key derivation and encryption (SCrypt, AES and HMAC), digital signatures (ECDSA, sign / verify) and crypto-wallets (HD wallets, mnemonics

Алгоритми за децентрализиран консенсус – Наков @ jProfessionals (Jan 2018)

January 28, 2018
Шервам видео и материали от моето вчерашното участие на конференцията jProfessionals – Jan 2018. Разказах за предизвикателствата, които съвременните блокчейн мрежи решават, за да постигнат децентрализиран консенсус относно състоянието на данните в блокчейн мрежата, което отделните възли виждат. Обясних защо е необходим консенсус, как консенсус алгоритмите подреждат транзакциите и построяват новите блокове, как решават double-spending

I am Teaching the Blockchain Dev Camp Sofia (Jan-March 2018) – Intensive 240 Hours Training

January 11, 2018
I am happy to announce that I will teach the first 6-week long intensive Blockchain Dev Camp, which will be held in Sofia in the Software University from 29 Jan 2018. To enroll, visit the course official site: Blockchain Dev Camp – Sofia (Feb 2018) The developer camp will teach the blockchain technologies from the developer perspective